Team building in the forests of the Ardennes

An airplane was taken down: to the rescue!

A team building in the Ardennes starts with these coordinates: N 50°26.488 E 5°39.965. You will end up in the quiet picturesque village of Harzé in the Ardennes. During WW II, an important headquarters of the Allies was set up here. However, the work of Adolphe Manset, a simple villager who helped the pilots of allied planes in this region escape was equally important. Fact or fiction? Discover it during this ‘Great Escape’ geocaching game and become a hero in this true team building story.

Would you like to escape the busy city with your colleagues? Then organise a seminar in the prestigious 'Chateau de Harzé' and combine it with a unique team building activity in these beautiful surroundings! Ask for a quote for ‘The Great Escape’ now!

Visit Harzé for:

  • The picturesque village
  • Being in the middle of the forests
  • The prestigious Castle of Harzé, with mill and bakery museum

For colleagues

Adventurous geocaching!

The Great Escape

End up in the exciting geocaching team building adventure of Adolphe, a simple villager who helped escape the pilots of the downed Allied aircraft in the forests of the Ardennes during World War II.

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