Make a cool GPS game yourself

Are you, as an event organizer or school teacher, bursting with ideas to set up your own game, quest or quiz in the city or at your own location? It’s easily done with our City Challenge game platform. With this easy-to-use game platform, you can create your own location-based game yourself. There is no doubt that a personalized activity will provide added value for your customers or students.

Possibilities of the City Challenge Game Platform

Choose & combine as desired!

Game elements:

  • Open questions
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Information
  • Photo assignments
  • Video assignments
  • Assignments with time limit
  • QR codes
  • Point system


  • Create GPS triggered or QR triggered locations
  • Unlock new locations
  • Create routes


Easy app navigation.

Use different menus:

  • List of locations or assignments
  • Bonus missions
  • Map
  • Messages & score overview
  • Manual

Advantages of the City Challenge Game Platform

No app developer or programming knowledge needed.
User-friendly platform, accessible via web browser.

Personalize your game according to content and style.

Photos and videos collected in an online album.
Game results in PDF.

Let your creativity run free!

The City Challenge Platform can be used by anyone who has a specific project in mind. Choose as a playground for a city, a park, an amusement park, a museum or another unique location for your location-based game.