Crazy Doctor takes 9 world leaders hostage

Do you like escape games? Play the online version of the popular citygame Dr. Crypto's escape game now.
From behind your PC you walk virtually through the city looking for pieces to crack codes of rooms where hostages of Dr. Crypto are held. The Crazy Leaders Summit cannot go ahead without the 9 craziest world leaders.

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  • 2h
  • as of 4 18+
  • Remote
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This online team game is played per team of at least 4 people, each from his own location. This can be from the office, teleworking or at home. Via a video conferencing application such as Zoom, Skype, Teams, WhatsApp... you are connected to each other and discuss your approach while playing the game on your own computer.

Dr. Crypto is a notorious and insane killer who has terrorised Belgian cities for years by taking innocent people hostage and locking them in hermetically sealed rooms.What was his motive? Money? Power? Fame? Or none of these ...?

It seems more like the latter, but no one can say for sure. Probably an outcast of society that has been driven just that little bit too far and who has gone completely mad.
The last time Dr. Crypto has struck has been behind us for a while and people have already forgotten about him a bit. Is he still alive? Did he flee the country? Nobody knew the truth ... Hopefully we will never see hem again, people thought, but they couldn’t be further from the truth.

Dr. Crypto had indeed withdrawed from society because it was harder and harder for hi mto deal with his actions. He began to realize that the innocent people he kidnapped were not the cause of his suffering. These people also only live by the rules that are imposed on them. And who was responsible for this? The leaders of these countries, of course. 
They were the cause and they are the one that Dr. Crypto want to get hold of. But how could he ever reach these , highly secured, world leaders? But then Dr. Crypto suddenly sees a newspaper clipping with the following title and all the puzzle pieces fell together:

“9 world leaders gather in Brussels for the“ Crazy Leaders Summit ”

With an ingenious ruse, Dr. Crypto managed to get into the building where this meeting is taking place and has captured the 9 world leaders and trapped them scattered in the city. 
No one will thwart his plans this time! Or will somebody?
Here you come into action: As a freelance crime fighter, you have been tasked with freeing as many world leaders as possible within 120 minutes. Hurry! The Summit will start soon! The team that has earned the most points is the winner of the game.

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