City games, an original group activity!

Discover the city with a city game

A challenging group activity with your friends? A team building with your club or youth movement? A nice surprise for a birthday? Or just a reason to meet the whole family? City games are the original answer!

A group, a GPS & a mission

Tension, fun, creating team spirit or an alternative way to discover a city: There are many reasons to book a city game. Geoteam sends you on a mission! With a smartphone in one hand you dive into the heart of your favorite city like a maffioso, Sherlock Holmes, a treasure hunter or another special character. Our city games lead you through unexplored places as well as across great attractions.

MyCitygame = 100% Freedom

Get started with MyCitygame, our do-it-yourself formula! Choose a game, city, language you want to play in and the number of devices you want to play with. Your game code will be purchased in just a few clicks. After installing the app and reading the game instructions, you are ready to start the game! Gather up with your group of friends in the city and experience an original group activity!

Play your own game with our do-it-yourself formula

Accessible for everyone!

City Adventure

Visit the city in an original way with a super fun GPS rally. Interactive, exciting and fun! With challenging questions and great photos as a souvenir!

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Escape game in the city!

Dr. Crypto's Escape Game

Free as many hostages as possible within 2 hours! Do you like strategy, collaboration and puzzles? Then this Escape Game city game will be your cup of tea!

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Newest city game!


Criminals and bounty hunters compete with each other in this exciting and sporty city game. Halfway through the game the roles are reversed.

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World famous!


Play the GPS version of the world famous board game "Settlers of Catan" as a city game.

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There has been a crime in the city and the police need your help in resolving this matter. Are you the only real Sherlock? Prove it during this exciting virtual private detective city game!

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Most suitable for children!

Sherlock Kids

Young detectives solve the murder! During this quest for children you have to look for virtual clues in the city in order to identify the culprit in the line-up.

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Can't be more exciting!

Shoot Out

Rob as many virtual vaults as possible. Do it quickly, because your opponents are acing for the same booty! Outsmart them with your arsenal of virtual weapons. What an exciting GPS hunt!

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Games only under Geoteam guidance

Award winning game concept!

Maffia City Battle

Dirty cops, clever mafiosi and rival gangs: be constantly on your guard during this blistering GPS game, because danger lurks everywhere. Which team will become the most notorious mafia clan?

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Award winning game concept!


Enclose valuable buildings, conquer the monopoly over the city and become a multimillionaire. A unique team activity where you also get to discover the city and its beautiful buildings.

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