Geoteam presents a unique team building concept!

A real life city game, unique in Belgium

We are delighted to announce the launch of The Rally, a brand new team building concept, in collaboration with theater company Bad van Marie.

The Rally is an experience where technology, interactive theater and the multicultural city life are combined into a unique experience.

The Rally sends several teams on the road with a tablet. A discovery tour that takes you off the beaten track. During this surprising walk through a multicultural neighborhood, all teams get in contact with the people who live, work and pass through this city. A visit to a typical neighborhood store or the local laundry shop is surprisingly part of the game. The observation skills of the teams will be put to the test during this city game! Questions about the things that cross their path will be fired at them, which will give them quickly a different view of life in the city. Everything that happens around the participants can become part of the game. Actors become passersby and passersby become actors. Fiction and reality are surprisingly close together in this city rally!

The Rally thus responds to the latest trend in entertainment, namely ‘real life gaming’.

This three-hour interactive city game with 8 actors takes place in a multicultural district of the city of Antwerp or Brussels. It can be played in English, French or Dutch, or a combination of these languages.

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Rally 01
Rally 02