Shoot Out Pro: team activity with a GPS game

Would you like a team activity with some more action? Experience a virtual shooting game and imagine yourself starring in an exciting western movie during this GPS game. You will be face to face with your opponents, ready with your finger on the trigger to play the decisive duel. However, we have exchanged your weapon for a GPS smartphone.

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  • 2h
  • 6 to 50
  • Active
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Choose your criminal pseudonym and kick off this gps game.

In this exciting GPS team activity you will rob safes like real bandits! Via the satellites you will be able to keep an eye on your opponents. Try to be ahead of them to pick up virtual ammunition boxes, because you need the sticks of dynamite to blow up safes, the only way to get to the gold, diamonds and jewellery. With a bit of luck, you will also get virtual weapons that you can use to hit the other robbers from near or far away with a GPS shot.

Be a smart bandit!

Run away from the patrolling policemen and make sure you are not neutralised by using the right strategy. The big win is an attack on the armored truck. A bulletproof vest is also useful when you are under fire yourself. Pull up a smokescreen when you are with your back against the wall and disappear from the screen of your opponents, but make sure not to step on a hidden landmine yourself, because then you will lose part of your hard-earned booty! Will you become the hero in this compelling GPS team activity among colleagues?

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This game can be played in the following cities:

Aalst   Antwerp   Bornem   Bruges   Brussels   De Panne   Diest   Ghent   Halle   Hasselt   Kortrijk   Leuven   Liège   Lier   Mechelen   Mons   Namur   Ostend   Oudenaarde   Sint-Truiden   Tournai   Ypres  

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