The treasure of Pier Kloeffe:Geocaching team building at sea

Fancy a team building at sea? During the treasure of Pier Kloeffe, Geoteam will send you into nature. In this captivating geocaching game full of challenging puzzles and original riddles, you'll search for the heritage of Pier Kloeffe in the Westhoek Reserve in De Panne. Book a team building at sea in De Panne and take your colleagues on a hike!

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  • 2,5h
  • 6 to >100
  • Adventurous geocaching
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Take a walk in the countryside with this geocaching team building

Geoteam will send you into the countryside for this challenging team building at sea. You will look for the legacy of Pier Kloeffe in a fascinating geocaching game throughout Nature Reserve the Westhoek in De Panne. Tag your friends or colleagues along on a hike!

The legend of Pier Kloeffe

According to legend, Pier Kloeffe was an heir to a rich man from Bruges. When he died, Pier was allowed to receive his inheritance in Bruges. But fate put a stop to this! Pier was too late and some vicious beguines had tricked him. So he returned home empty-handed.... or not? 

Look for the hidden treasure

A notebook with strange numbers found after Pier's dead in 1939 reveals its secrets today: these are GPS-coordinates that will lead the way to the hidden treasure. Follow the secret route with the GPS-receiver. Note, however, that the coordinates of the next point can only be found by solving questions and riddles and by setting the GPS-receiver correctly. The first geocaching team to dig up the hidden treasure is well rewarded by Pier.

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