Help secret Agent Q to defeat the saboteur in your house

Strange things are happening in your home. There has been a saboteur at work! One of your parents has called Secret Agent Q to come and help you, but he needs a strong team. Are you in? Time for action indoors!

Promotional price: game code for 1 device €15, for 2 devices €25, for 3 devices €30. Game only available in Dutch or French!

Agent Q

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  • 120 min
  • as of 2
  • indoor 8-12 years

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Help the house is sabotaged!

Strange things are happening at your house. A saboteur has been at work! One of your parents has asked secret Agent Q coming to help, but he needs a strong team. Are you in?

Play in your house.

The mission starts with a riddle on paper and leads to a hidden QR code that you scan with the game App on your smartphone or tablet. From there you continue to search for codes within your own home or apartment. Agent Q needs your help to solve the mysterious riddles and missions. Of course you can score a lot of points, but you can also ask for hints if it's too difficult. Do you beat the saboteur with a nice score?

Make it a competition: the more teams the more fun! Choose how many devices you play with within the same game (same game code).

Together with the parents or big brother or sister.

This virtual indoor game is played by children between 8 and 12 years old together with one of the parents. The parents prepare the mission for their children by printing some tools on paper and also hiding QR codes in different places in the house. By scanning these QR-codes with the game App, the missions are activated.
The missions consist of fun riddles and photo/film assignments with which the children together with Agent Q try to solve the sabotage actions. The missions deal with various topics that are also dealt with at school at this age: logical thinking, safety at home and in traffic, the climate, social media, board games,...

Version for teenagers between 13 and 17 years old: junior version.

Agent Q

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