Enjoy an active team building with The Amazing City Race!

Looking for an active team building, in which excitement, strategy and communication are important? Does a high-tech pursuit through the city seem like something for you and your colleagues? Then choose the city game The Amazing City Race. Pick your role in the team: runner, pursuer or commander and take on our mission!

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  • 3h to 4h
  • 20 to >200
  • Sporty pursuit
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Chilling high-tech pursuit

We will immediately throw you into the race. Fulfill your mission while you are chased by your opponents. You have 1 hour to complete 8 assignments in 8 locations. These assignments are carried out by the Runners in your team; they collect the points. The smartphone tells them what the next destination is and which task they need to execute. The ultimate proof of a correctly executed assignment is a photo that undeniably convinces the game masters.

As a Runner, you do not only need to have a good sense of orientation and creative skills. A couple of fast legs are needed to keep you out of the hands of your opponents. The satellites betray your position to the commanders at the headquarters. On a large screen, all your movements are closely monitored. The hunt is on! The commanders will send their chasers after you by guiding them in the right direction. When your runner code is spotted, you will lose points.

But don't worry, when you have completed a Fast Forward assignment, you can mislead the chasers or make the satellites unusable.

Throw all your skills into the battle

This city game requires a lot of skills, such as communication, collaboration and tactical thinking. However, as an active team building, it is also an opportunity to get to know each other in a different way.

You will play this active team building game in 2 stages, so you can change roles after the break.

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This game can be played in the following cities:

Aalst   Antwerp   Bornem   Bruges   Brussels   De Panne   Diest   Ghent   Halle   Hasselt   Kortrijk   Leuven   Liège   Lier   Mechelen   Mons   Namur   Ostend   Oudenaarde   Sint-Truiden   Ypres  

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