At your home, at work or telework place

The online escape rooms are played via a computer connected to the internet.

You play them as a team but do not have to be physically in the same place together: remote

You can do this at home, at work or somewhere else.

These games are organised online without a Geoteam supervisor on the spot.
You make the necessary preparations yourself, of course with the support of our team.

Via a game code you can log in to the game of your choice and start your adventure.

Like a real detective, you search for clues, solve your riddles and decipher your codes to solve the mystery.

Choose your online escape rooms theme and play in 1 or more teams.

  • Clarifying a murder case?
  • Solve a hostage situation?
  • Track down a lost fortune?
  • Stop a pandemic with a new vaccine!

Online escape rooms

Online escape room

Lost Treasure

Uncle Archibald passed away and according to the notary you are the only heir. But where is that fortune hidden somewhere?

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High quality 3D online escape room

Patient Zero online escape lab

Will you and your team succeed in saving the world from this virus? Combine logic and ingenuity to find a vaccine as quickly as possible and stop the pandemic.

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Online escape room internationally awarded

Project Pegasus

Three scientists from the Spider Technologies research lab have died. Has a virus accidentally caught them or is there more to it?

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Virtual walking through the city

Online citygame? Yes indeed!!


An online discovery of the city from behind your pc! Allow yourself to be challenged by your favourite city and be guided in a surprising way along all known and lesser known places in the city via Streetview.

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Online team game

Dr. Crypto's ONLINE Escape Game

The Crazy Leaders Summit in Brussels cannot take place without the 9 craziest world leaders kidnapped by Dr Crypto. Search with your team from behind your PC for the secret locations and crack the codes.

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Indoor quest at home

Fun and games indoors

Agent Q junior

Strangethings are happening in your home. There is a saboteur sneaking around who has tampered with codes!  Agent Q has been summoned by one of your parents to help you, but he needs your cooperation. Deal?
Promotional price: game code for 1 device €15, for 2 devices €25, for 3 devices €30.

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Fun and games indoors

Agent Q kids

Strange things are happening in your home. There has been a saboteur at work! One of your parents has called Secret Agent Q to come and help you, but he needs a strong team. Are you in?
Promotional price: game code for 1 device €15, for 2 devices €25, for 3 devices €30.

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