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Organising a successful teambuilding starts here

Organising a teambuilding is first and foremost about connecting people!

  • It stimulates the team spirit
  • It strengthens the bond with the company
  • You practise working together in an informal way 

A good teambuilding activity should involve EVERYONE with adapted challenges and goals.
"Keep it simple and fun!"

What do our team building professionals have to offer?



Online escape room

Lost Treasure online escape room

Scarily exciting!




Online team activities

Online team building activities

How do you create team spirit and keep employees motivated now that remote working is the rule? An online team game, easy to organize!

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Online escape game

Project Pegasus online escape game

Mysterious disappearance case!



@home game

Agent Q voor kids & tieners

Lockdown of niet, speel dit interactieve spel met je kinderen bij jou thuis.

Vorm een team met Agent Q. Zoek verborgen QR-codes in huis, ontcijfer mysterieuze en bizarre raadsels en versla de virtuele saboteur.




Neem je smartphone of tablet bij de hand, bestel je spel vanaf slechts €15 en start het avontuur.

Versie voor kids van 8 - 12 jaar.
Versie voor tieners van 13 - 17 jaar.

Get the most complete checklist for the perfect organisation of your team event, compiled by our experienced event masters.