Plan a teambuilding with guidance

Plan a do-it-yourself city game without guidance

Geoteam activates your teamspirit

Geoteam organises teambuilding activities for companies and schools using mainly interactive city games. These activities promote cooperation, communication and strategic thinking. The city games are created in-house and can be partly adapted to the client’s specific wishes and goals. The teambuilding is supervised by an experienced team of professional supervisors who provide a clear briefing, bring along the necessary material and closely monitor the activity.

Besides the interactive city games, Geoteam also offers an extensive indoor and online range for teambuilding, ideal in case of bad weather or specific location requirements. Among others, escape boxes and escape game stories focus on cooperation and problem-solving. Online is played via digital platforms.

For small groups and individuals, Geoteam offers do-it-yourself city games. These city games can be carried out independently using your own smartphone or tablet. Designed to combine fun and competition, the games are ideal for friends and family who want to explore a city in a unique way with an original game.

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