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DIY city game


Criminals and bounty hunters battle each other in this exciting and sporty city game. Halfway into the game, the roles are reversed. Which city do you choose as your crime scene?

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Are you playing with multiple teams? If so, you’ll need one phone per team. Make sure to select the correct amount of phones.

About Hunted

Criminals in action

Some criminals have escaped from prison and want to make one last big score before heading to a tropical island with the money. As a criminal, you try to bring in the largest possible loot by crackingvirtual safes. However, this does not go unnoticed. The police have called in bounty hunters to arrest you. Excitement all around, because you don’t see them coming! The radar only tells you how many meters from you they are. Do you know how to stay out of the hands of the hunters?

Bounty hunters put on the chase!

As a bounty hunter, you try to arrest as many criminals as possible. The GPS radar tells you at what distance the criminal is, but never his exact location. However, thanks to observant residents, you get regular reports of the criminal’s position. Also, when a safe is cracked, a burglar alarm goes off and the criminal’s position is relayed to the bounty hunters. Hopefully you have fast legs and can cuff him! Do you and your fellow hunters devise a cunning plan to catch them?

Do you have criminal genes? Or are you best considering a career switch to bounty hunter soon? You’ll find out during this exciting and sporty city game! Choose your favorite crime scene, buy your game code online and let this active cat-and-mouse city game begin!

Game Hunted

Choose your favorite DIY game online!

1. Buy your gamecode on our website

Choose your game, the location, language and amount of phones and pay online. Receiving an invoice or refund is not possible.

2. Download and install the app

Within the e-mail containing your purchase confirmation you will find the link to download the app as well as instructions on how to download it.

3. Get prepared

Read through all of the instructions, inform all of the players and print if necessary the instructions.

4. Go for it!

Get together within the range of the playing field, open the game an log in all phones. All of the teams use the same code to log in. You start the game by pressing the play button. The timer has started!

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It is very important that you make sure your devices’ batteries are fully charged.

Don’t forget to turn off your Wi-Fi connection. If you fail to do this, your smartphone will constantly try to connect to wifi hotspots during the game, meaning you will regularly play without a network connection.

Inform the other players that it is best to wear comfortable outfits and shoes so they can comfortably walk around the city. Depending on the competitiveness of the participants, the walking or running distance might become increased.

Avoid large-scale events in the city. You may not find playing a DIY game during a mass event enjoyable. For example, you may not be able to get to a certain location because it is blocked off or the mobile network is saturated, so your data connection may fail. It’s best to choose another date or city to play the game in.

Last, but not least: Emphasise to all participants to pay adequate attention to traffic! Of course, we hope you get completely engrossed in the game, but we do believe safety is just a tad more important!

No, our DIY games cannot be paused.

Since most of our games are competitive in nature, we have chosen not to provide a pause button in the game.

For City Adventure and Snatch the Bachelor, you will have ample time to complete the course, including a short break. Whether you take a break can be decided among yourselves. The game time, however, will continue as usual.

If something goes wrong, please contact us: +32 475 27 64 30.

No. We cannot stress enough that your phones should be fully charged at the start of the game. If you have a slightly older device and are under the impression that your battery runs out rather quickly, please play it safe and bring a power bank.

You need a game code to log into our DIY games. After receiving payment for your purchase, we prepare a game for you and forward your personal code. Enter the same game code on all devices you will be using to play the game. Once logged in, you will see the game area as well as the positions of the different teams. Everybody ready? Then give the go-ahead!

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