Discover Bergen’s hidden treasures while playing a city game with friends and family. Lose yourself in the lively streets, unravel riddles and enjoy the excitement of finding hidden gems. A city game combines fun with discovery, creating unforgettable memories as you laugh and learn together. Let Bergen be your playground and experience an adventure full of surprises and joy.

Do-it-yourself city games in Bergen with your own smartphone:

City AdventureSherlockDr.Crypto’s escape gameShoot OutHuntedKatanSherlock KidsDr.Crypto’s escape game juniorThe HangoverThe Wedding PlannerSnatch the bachelor

A city steeped in historical splendour, Bergen reveals grandeur with its impressive Grand-Place and Gothic town hall. Art and heritage weave through the charming streets, with notable sights such as the imposing Belfry and the elegant St Waltrudis Church.

Geoteam opens the doors to this abundance with our city games, where each location reveals a new chapter. Add a playful element to your visit and let our games highlight the unique facets of Bergen, for a memorable experience full of adventure and discovery.

Geoteam Sherlock

We recommend these games

  • Sherlock: A crime has taken place in the city and the police need your help solving it. Are you the one and only Sherlock? Prove it to us during this exciting virtual detective city game!
  • Hunted: Working in teams, you will compete against each other! During this exciting and energetic city game, you take on the role of both criminal and bounty hunter. Halfway through the game, the roles get reversed! It’s best to play with an even number of teams!
  • Dr Crypto’s Escape Game: Race through the city with your smartphone in search of Dr Crypto’s hostages. During this city game, you will be challenged with brain-teasing puzzles. Solve them quickly, as this is the only way to free as many virtual hostages as possible from Dr Crypto’s clutches.

Are these options not what you are looking for? Then check out all our games right here!

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