De Haan

Discover the fascinating history of De Haan while playing an exciting city game with friends and family. Marvel at hidden treasures and enjoy the thrill of finding unique gems. Experience a day brimming with fun and excitement while laughing and learning together, and make De Haan your playground filled with surprises and a wealth of entertainment.

Do-it-yourself city games in De Haan with your own smartphone:

SherlockDr.Crypto’s escape gameShoot OutHuntedKatanSherlock KidsDr.Crypto’s escape game juniorThe HangoverThe Wedding Planner

Located on the Belgian coast, De Haan enchants visitors with its Belle Epoque architecture, vast sandy beaches and culinary delights. From walks down historic streets to cycling through dunes and forests, there is something for everyone. Discover the rich history at the Tram Museum and sample local delicacies in cosy restaurants. Add an extra dimension to your visit with Geoteam games, where you playfully explore the city and face challenges, perfect for families, groups of friends or company getaways. Enrich your experience in De Haan with exciting activities and lasting memories.

Geoteam Dr Crypto's escape game

We recommend these city games

  • Sherlock: A crime has taken place in the city and the police need your help solving it. Are you the one and only Sherlock? Prove it to us during this exciting virtual detective city game!
  • Dr Crypto’s Escape Game: Race through the city with your smartphone in search of Dr Crypto’s hostages. During this city game, you will be challenged with brain-teasing puzzles. Solve them quickly, as this is the only way to free as many virtual hostages as possible from Dr Crypto’s clutches.
  • Hunted: Working in teams, you will compete against each other! During this exciting and energetic city game, you take on the role of both criminal and bounty hunter. Halfway through the game, the roles get reversed! It’s best to play with an even number of teams!

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