Discover the fascinating history of Knokke-Heist while playing an exciting city game with friends and family. Marvel at hidden treasures and enjoy the thrill of finding unique gems. Experience a day brimming with fun and excitement while laughing and learning together, and make Knokke-Heist your playground filled with surprises and a wealth of entertainment.

Do-it-yourself city games in Knokke-Heist with your own smartphone:

SherlockDr.Crypto’s escape gameShoot OutHuntedKatanSherlock KidsDr.Crypto’s escape game juniorThe HangoverThe Wedding Planner

Visit bustling Knokke-Heist, where the sun shines on vast beaches and the air is filled with vibrant culture. Explore the natural beauty of Het Zwin Nature Park, have a gamble at the iconic Casino and relax on the enticing beach. Cycle along the breathtaking coastal route and discover the artistic treasures of Culture Centre Scharpoord. Geoteam adds a playful twist to your visit with interactive games that turn the city into a lively playground. Let Knokke-Heist enchant you with its diversity, where every attraction and game reveals a new adventure in this seaside town full of surprises.

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We recommend these city games

  • The Wedding Planner: Don’t feel like baking cupcakes and painting your nails? Put some action into your bachelorette day with the women! The Wedding Planner is the city game for an unforgettable hen day full of excitement, fun and hilarity!
  • Hunted: Working in teams, you will compete against each other! During this exciting and energetic city game, you take on the role of both criminal and bounty hunter. Halfway through the game, the roles get reversed! It’s best to play with an even number of teams!
  • Sherlock kids: Walk through the city with your smartphone in search of hints to solve the murder. Act like the real Sherlock Holmes in this quest for children!

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