Mysterious team building game: The Alliance

Collaboration, both with your teammates and your opponents, is key in this game. Ally to get essential information and to capture the mysterious Outsider! This mysterious game is a great team building game, but is also the ideal game to explore a city in an alternative way.

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  • 2,5h
  • 12 to >100
  • Collaboration
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Unmask the mysterious Outsider!

The inhabitants of the city are terrorised by a mysterious figure, the Outsider. The mayor offers a reward and calls on you to help him catch this person. Your detective skills will be put to the test during this GPS game.

Be like the real Hercule Poirot and collect clues in the city during this team building game. The smartphone will show you the way to the right locations, where you can solve riddles and look forward to tips leading you to the Outsider. Suddenly, the phone rings and a mysterious voice sends you an important message. How will you react?

But…pay attention!

There are competing detectives looking for the same reward. In this team building game, you will not only have to work with your teammates, but also with your opponents. They have missing information that you need to get your hands on. You will have to negotiate well to bring this game to a successful end! Which essential information do you exchange with which team? Who do you ally with?

Crack the code 

Did you get hold of the GPS code? Then you have to decipher and activate it so that you can see the Outsider on your screen. Start chasing him immediately in order to prevent the attack. Did you get to him first? Then you are the hero of the story! This team building game is one you will never forget!

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This game can be played in the following cities:

Aalst   Antwerp   Bornem   Bruges   Brussels   De Panne   Diest   Ghent   Halle   Hasselt   Kortrijk   Leuven   Liège   Lier   Mechelen   Mons   Namur   Ostend   Oudenaarde   Sint-Truiden   Ypres  

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