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Escape box

Are you looking for a unique way to organise an indoor teambuilding event? At Geoteam, we offer escape boxes on location: at your office or elsewhere.

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About Escape box

For an Escape Box, you work together as a group

to open a locked suitcase. The suitcase is closed with padlocks or other mechanisms. With your team, you solve original puzzles hidden in all kinds of objects, or cryptic riddles. Each mechanism or lock that is opened brings you one step closer to the exciting denouement!

An escape box puts everyone’s individual skills to the test.

Sharing information and capitalising on everyone’s talents is necessary! Processing information, making links between objects and deliberating on suggestions from fellow players are key when playing an escape box game.

All our escape boxes are mobile

and are played on location: your own office, the canteen, the terrace or an external meeting room? It can all be done very flexibly. This saves you relocation time and costs and allows you to get straight down to challenging team building.
Our professional animators provide the best framing, guidance and any assistance to make your escape box game a teambuilding success.

The escape boxes come in different themes: Captain Hooke’s chest, The mummy’s mystery, Mystery Unboxed.

Geoteam Escape box

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