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With our mobile VR escape rooms, anything is possible! Whether you are an experienced escaperoom player or playing for the first time, we have something for every group! Do you like to return to the Middle Ages or would you rather dive into the depths of Osiris? Choose your theme.

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About VR Escape Room

Virtual Reality Experience on location

Put on VR glasses and enter worlds you have never seen before! Definitely a unique experience.
We bring the possibilities of Virtual Reality to your premises or a location of your choice. Do you have the ideal meeting room in the building or would you rather take the fight elsewhere? No problem, our VR escape room can take place anywhere! So every teambuilding will be a guaranteed success!

Whatever theme you choose, you won’t believe your eyes!

Escaping the VR escape room is only possible by working together. In the VR world, you can also see each other but clashing will not happen. We provide professional guidance so that this VR Experience is not only unique but also safe!
You play the virtual Escape Rooms with a maximum of 5 people at the same time on a playing field of at least 4.5 x 5.5 metres. Isn’t it your turn yet? Watching is just as much fun. On our screen or just next to the field. You see what the players see and see them react to what makes Virtual Reality so special: an unlimited possibility of puzzles, fights and riddles.

The VR-Fear Experience is the most popular individual mini-game.

Task: walk across a plank at a height of about 1 km. It is an individual victory where participants have to push their limits and overcome fear. Spectators often cheer, applaud and motivate the participant. It therefore makes it not only funny but also binding.

Themes: Dragon Tower, Time Travel Paradox, Depths of Osiris, Manor of Escape, Space Station Tiberia, Pirates Plague

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