Experience Amiens with a city game

  • With a detective game where the police needs your help to solve a mysterious murder. Walk through the city like Sherlock Holmes and collect evidence to handcuff the suspect. If children aged 8 to 14 participate, play the kids version of Sherlock.
  • Are you a Mastermind in cracking codes and Escape Rooms? Then try to defeat Dr. Crypto and free his hostages within 2 hours. They are virtually locked up in different locations in the city and need your help. Dr. Crypto's Escape game and the junior version for 12-17 year olds will give you an afternoon of play and fun.
  • Ever dreamed of committing a diamond robbery or cracking a bank vault? Then this is your chance in the Shoot Out crime game or the most exciting chase in Hunted. Escape your opponents and the police and crown yourself the crime king of the city!
  • Are you looking for big fun for the bachelor party of your best friend? Then choose for the interactive game The Hangover or The Wedding Planner. Add your own questions and photo assignments to this game in advance.

Ready for your adventure in 3 steps:

  1. Buy your game code online
  2. Install the app on your smartphone(s)and go through the game instructions.
  3. Gather in the city centre and start the city game.


Known for:

  • The Notre Dame Cathedral. It is the largest cathedral in France with a length of 145 meters and a height of 42 meters!
  • The Hortillonnages of Amiens: Three hundred hectares of islands. 
  • The city was founded by the Gauls under the name of Samarobriva, which means "bridge over the Somme".
  • The writer Jules Verne spent much of his life in Amiens.


For the bachelor party - MyCitygame

Newest city game!


Criminals and bounty hunters compete with each other in this exciting and sporty city game. Halfway through the game the roles are reversed.

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A lighthearted bachelor game

The Hangover

Competitive gps game. No ordinary pub crawl, but a fun game to get your best friend's wedding organised on time.

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Game full of fun!

The Wedding Planner

The wedding planner has failed! Get all missing attributes in order for your best friend's wedding day. Avoid the virtual angry mother-in-law and the ex-boyfriend before they ruin everything.

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For friends, family or club - MyCitygame



There has been a crime in the city and the police need your help in resolving this matter. Are you the only real Sherlock? Prove it during this exciting virtual private detective city game!

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Escape Game on smartphone

Dr. Crypto's Escape Game Junior

Do you like solving riddles and puzzles? Then the junior version of the Escape city game is perfect for you!

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Most suitable for children!

Sherlock Kids

Young detectives solve the murder! During this quest for children you have to look for virtual clues in the city in order to identify the culprit in the line-up.

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World famous!


Play the GPS version of the world famous board game "Settlers of Catan" as a city game.

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Newest city game!


Criminals and bounty hunters compete with each other in this exciting and sporty city game. Halfway through the game the roles are reversed.

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Can't be more exciting!

Shoot Out

Rob as many virtual vaults as possible. Do it quickly, because your opponents are acing for the same booty! Outsmart them with your arsenal of virtual weapons. What an exciting GPS hunt!

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Escape game in the city!

Dr. Crypto's Escape Game

Free as many hostages as possible within 2 hours! Do you like strategy, collaboration and puzzles? Then this Escape Game city game will be your cup of tea!

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