Dr. Crypto's Escape Game: A brain-bending city game!

Do you like strategy, collaboration and puzzles, but are you not fond of being locked up in a room? Then this Escape Game is really something for you! Free as many hostages as possible from the hands of Dr. Crypto within 120 minutes. Excitement guaranteed during this city game.

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  • 2,5h
  • 6 to >500
  • Brain-bending
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Panic in the city!

Dr. Crypto, a deranged killer, is holding hostages in hermetically sealed rooms in various virtual locations. These chambers can only be opened by solving a puzzle providing the combination of the safety lock. As a freelance crime fighter, you have been given the task of freeing the hostages during this escape game. Every minute, the risk of the hostage-taking ending up in a terrible drama increases and increases!

Free Dr. Crypto’s hostages!

Run through the city with a GPS smartphone to find the puzzles and clues that Dr. Crypto has left behind in the city. Have you found a hostage? Then try to decipher the code within 15 minutes, and you will get extra money! Are you a bit lost? Then buy one or more hints. Any wrong attempt to open the lock will cost you money, so think twice before you make an attempt!

Logical thinking and teamwork are essential during this escape game to solve these brain twisters and to release as many hostages as possible before time is up. But hurry, because time is running out! Tick Tock!

The hostages are craving their release, so reserve your Dr. Crypto's Escape Game quickly!

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This game can be played in the following cities:

Aalst   Antwerp   Bornem   Bruges   Brussels   De Panne   Diest   Ghent   Halle   Hasselt   Kortrijk   Leuven   Liège   Lier   Mechelen   Mons   Namur   Ostend   Oudenaarde   Sint-Truiden   Ypres  

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