MyCitygame: a game as of €49

MyCitygame is the name for all our do-it-yourself games. You can just buy a game code on our website and start playing. Download the app on your smartphone or tablet. There is no Geoteam game supervisor involved. After you've read the game instructions, you'll be ready to play the game at a time that suits you best!

The advantages of MyCitygame

>100% freedom! Play with whom and whenever you want.
>Quickly ordered! Buy online and get your game code and game instructions right away.
>Free app. Download the free app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
>Valid for 1 year Within this period you can play the game once.

Discover our MyCitygame games

Accessible for everyone!

City Adventure

Visit the city in an original way with a super fun GPS rally. Interactive, exciting and fun! With challenging questions and great photos as a souvenir!

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Escape game in the city!

Dr. Crypto's Escape Game

Free as many hostages as possible within 2 hours! Do you like strategy, collaboration and puzzles? Then this Escape Game city game will be your cup of tea!

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There has been a crime in the city and the police need your help in resolving this matter. Are you the only real Sherlock? Prove it during this exciting virtual private detective city game!

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Action game

Newest city game!


Criminals and bounty hunters compete with each other in this exciting and sporty city game. Halfway through the game the roles are reversed.

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World famous!


Play the GPS version of the world famous board game "Settlers of Catan" as a city game.

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Can't be more exciting!

Shoot Out

Rob as many virtual vaults as possible. Do it quickly, because your opponents are acing for the same booty! Outsmart them with your arsenal of virtual weapons. What an exciting GPS hunt!

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City game for kids

Escape Game on smartphone

Dr. Crypto's Escape Game Junior

Do you like solving riddles and puzzles? Then the junior version of the Escape city game is perfect for you!

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Most suitable for children!

Sherlock Kids

Young detectives solve the murder! During this quest for children you have to look for virtual clues in the city in order to identify the culprit in the line-up.

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Can't be more exciting!

Shoot Out

Rob as many virtual vaults as possible. Do it quickly, because your opponents are acing for the same booty! Outsmart them with your arsenal of virtual weapons. What an exciting GPS hunt!

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Bachelor theme

For him or for her

Trap the bachelor

Looking for a bachelor party game that you can play together with the whole group of friends? Then go for this bachelor party game full of funny challenges.

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A lighthearted bachelor game

The Hangover

Competitive gps game. No ordinary pub crawl, but a fun game to get your best friend's wedding organised on time.

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Game full of fun!

The Wedding Planner

The wedding planner has failed! Get all missing attributes in order for your best friend's wedding day. Avoid the virtual angry mother-in-law and the ex-boyfriend before they ruin everything.

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How does it work?

1. Buy your game code on our website!

Choose your game, location, language and number of devices and pay online. No invoice or refund possible.

2. Download and install the app!

When you confirm your purchase, you will receive a download link by mail to install the free app.

3. Be prepared!

Review the game instructions, explain them to your fellow players and print out any necessary instruction sheets.

4. Go for it!

Get together somewhere in the game area, then open the game and log in all devices. The different teams have to use the same code to log in. You can start the game by pressing the start button. The clock is ticking! Still some questions? Look further on this page in the "FAQ".


MyCitygame, do-it-yourself game

Which devices do I need?

Our games can be played on devices with an Android and iOS operating system. You can play with both smartphones and tablets.

The Android devices must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum Android 8
  • GPS function
  • Mobile internet (3G or 4G) via your mobile operator
  • Google Play Services must be installed

The iOS devices must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum iOS 6
  • GPS function
  • Mobile internet (3G or 4G) via your mobile operator

Make sure your batteries are fully charged before you start playing the game. If you notice that your device's battery runs out quickly, we recommend you play safe and take an extra battery or a power bank with you.

MyCitygame, do-it-yourself game

Online games for age 18+

Online escape room

Lost Treasure

Uncle Archibald passed away and according to the notary you are the only heir. But where is that fortune hidden somewhere?

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High quality 3D online escape room

Patient Zero online escape lab

Will you and your team succeed in saving the world from this virus? Combine logic and ingenuity to find a vaccine as quickly as possible and stop the pandemic.

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Kids INDOOR do-it-yourself games - Dutch or French only

Frequently asked questions

Which games can I play?

The following games are available in a downloadable version: City Adventure, Dr. Crypto's Escape Game, Sherlock, Sherlock Kids, Shoot Out, Trap the Bachelor, The Wedding Planner and The Hangover. For more information about the content of the game, please check the relevant game page.

Where can I play?

Take a look at our cities page to find out where Geoteam is active. On the game page you can find out where each game can be played. Is your favourite city or location not on the list? Let us know and maybe we can create a new game area for you.

How long can I play?

The duration of the game varies from one city game to another. This ranges from 1h30 to 3h. Check the game page to know the duration of the game you have selected.

When can I play the city game?

Since you don't have an appointment with a game master, you are free to choose when you would like to play the game. This way you can easily start the game a little earlier or later than planned. Is it raining cats and dogs? Just move your city adventure to another moment. Your game code remains valid for 12 months!

Can I play with an Android device? Which requirements must be met?

Yes. All MyCitygame games are available for Android devices, both smartphone and tablet.

Requirements for your smartphone or tablet:

  • Minimum Android 2.3 operating system
  • a SIM card that allows 3G or 4G data connection (mobile internet via your mobile phone operator)
  • A GPS connection
  • Google Play Services has been installed (on your device by default)
Can I play with an iOS device? Which requirements must be met?

Yes, all MyCitygame games are available for iOS devices, both iPhone and iPad.

Requirements for your iPhone or iPad:

  • Minimum iOS 5 operating system
  • a SIM card that allows 3G or 4G data connection (mobile internet via your mobile phone operator)
  • A GPS connection
Can I play with a Windows Phone?

No. The MyCitygame games are only available for devices with Android and iOS operating systems.

Does every player need to have a smartphone?

No. You will play the game in one or more teams. You only need 1 smartphone or tablet per team.

How many codes do I have to buy?

You only buy 1 code per game. If you play with multiple teams, you enter the same game code on all the different participating devices.

How much does a MyCitygame game code cost?

A standard code costs €49. This code allows you to play with 2 teams (devices) at the same time. You will have to pay €20 extra for each additional team (device).

Can I play with more than 3 devices?

Would you like some more competition into the game and create more teams? That is possible! In that case, you will pay €20 extra per additional team (device). When purchasing your game code, you can easily indicate with how many devices you would like to play.

Exception: Trap the Bachelor will have to be played in 1 group!

With how many friends can I play the MyCitygame games?

This is completely up to you! When purchasing your game gode, you can decide how many teams (devices) you would like to play the game with. This number cannot be increased later. If you play with fewer devices at the moment itself, that's no problem. Would you like to play as 1 team or do you prefer to make it more competitive by playing against each other in different teams? It's all possible! You are also free to determine the size of the teams. You can make them as big or as small as you want. This also helps you to keep your budget under control.

What would we recommend?
Don't make your teams too big, so that everyone is still sufficiently involved in the game. But don't make them too small either. Our city games are ideal as a team activity in which communication and collaboration are recommended. Moreover, it can be quite busy in the city. An extra pair of eyes on traffic or passers-by is no superfluous luxury! We believe that 3 to 4 people per team is perfect!

How can I purchase a game code?

Very easy! On the game page you can indicate in the purchasing box in which city you would like to play the relevant game, as well as in which language and on how many devices. Think about this carefully beforehand, because after the final purchase the game code is generated and these game aspects can no longer be adjusted. Paying for a game code can be done in the shopping basket.

Do I have to pay to download the application of the game?

No. Downloading the application is free of charge. You only pay for the code you need to play the game with.

What do you do during MyCitygame?

MyCitygame is our DIY formula. When selecting MyCitygame you choose to play the game independently on your own smartphone(s). This means that we are not present during the game. Is this not what you prefer? Then choose for an accompanied city game. Check for availabilities via the contact form.

What is the difference between MyCitygame and an accompanied city game?

An accompanied game needs to be booked some time in advance. After all, you make an appointment with a game master in the city where you want to play. He or she brings along all the devices, as well as the instruction sheets, explains the game and remains available for follow-up and any questions during the game. The advantages of an accompanied game? You don't have to do anything yourself! The price of a game with a game master is obviously a bit higher.

MyCitygame is the DIY formula of our city games. This means that you can play the city game without a game master and with your own devices. Flexibility is the advantage with this formula! You can play at a time that suits you and your friends best. Since you don't have an appointment with a game master, you can easily start the game a little earlier or later than planned. Is it raining cats and dogs? Just move your city adventure to a another moment. After all, the code remains valid for 12 months.

Can I rent devices from you?

No, we do not offer rental services. With MyCitygame, you play our games on your own devices. In case you book a game with Geoteam guidance, we provide all the necessities for the game.

Can I buy a code on the day I would like to play the game?

Your personal game code will be created as soon as your payment is completed, meaning you can basically buy your game code on the day itself. However, we recommend that you do this a few hours or a few days in advance. This way you can install the app at home, review the game instructions and get ready to start the game.

How can I pay for a game code?

You can pay online with bancontact for the purchase of a game code.

Can I pay afterwards?

No. Your personal game code will be created as soon as your payment is completed via our website.

Can I get a quote from MyCitygame?

No. You will have to pay a fixed amount for a MyCitygame game code. This is not based on the number of participants, but on the number of devices you will play with. The rates can be found on the game pages.

Can I get an invoice for a MyCitygame game code?

No. MyCitygame is our do-it-yourself formula for private individuals. The rates can be found on our website and they are VAT included. We cannot issue an invoice.

How long will my purchased code remain valid?

You can play the game whenever you want. The game code you have purchased will remain valid for 12 months after the date of purchase. You can therefore play the game immediately after your purchase or several weeks/months later.

I have changed my mind and I don't want to play the game any more. Can I get my money back?

No. Your code remains valid for 12 months, so if you don't want to play the game right now, you can certainly play it at a later time. Or why not give it to someone as a gift?

How do I prepare myself for the city game?

It is always handy to appoint a game leader in the group. We will provide you with all the instructions to install and play the game. The game leader should read this document before playing the game. This way you know what to watch out for before the start of the game and he/she can explain the rules to the other players. This will guarantee that everything will run smoothly when you want to play the game.

I cannot find the app. What should I do?

The Google Play Store and Apple Store feature a huge number of applications. Don't just go looking for our games, but use the direct download link that you can find in the game instruction sheet.

I have installed the app, but I can't play the game. What should I do?

You need a game code to log in. Only after we have received your payment, we will prepare a game for you and send you your personal code. Enter the same game code on all the devices that you will use to play the game with. Once you are logged in, you will see the game area as well as the positions of the different teams. Is everybody ready for the game? Then get cracking!

What if the battery of my device is dead? Can I continue to play on another device in that case?

No. We can't emphasize enough that your batteries should be charged at the start of the game. If you have a somewhat older device and if you have the impression that your battery dies quite quickly, then play it safe and take an extra power bank with you.

What can I do if something goes wrong during the game?

If something goes wrong, please contact us: +32 475 27 64 30.

Can the game be paused?

No, our city games cannot be paused.

Since most of our games have a competitive character, we choose not to provide a pause button in the game.

If you are playing City Adventure or Trap the bachelor, you should have more than enough time to complete the game, even with a short break. You can decide yourselves where and when to take a break. However, the game time continues.

Which practical issues should I pay attention to when playing a city game?

It is very important is that you ensure that your batteries are fully charged.

It is also best to turn off your wifi connection. If you don't, your smartphone will continuously try to connect to wifi hotspots during the game, so you will regularly play without a network connection.

Inform the other players that they should wear a comfortable outfit and shoes, so that they can easily walk around in the city. Depending on the competitiveness of the participants, the walking or running distance can sometimes increase.

Avoid large-scale events in the city. You may not feel comfortable playing a city game during a mass event. For example, it may happen that you don't get to a certain location, because it has been closed. It may also happen that the mobile network is overloaded, which may cause the data connection to drop. In this case, it is best to choose a different date or city to play the game.

Last, but not least: Clearly state that the players should pay attention to traffic! We hope that you will be fully absorbed in the game of course, but we think that safety is just a little bit more important!