Dr. Crypto’s Escape Game Jr Pro

Run through the city with a smartphone in search of Dr Crypto’s hostages. He challenges you with riddles, brainteasers and puzzles. Solve them quickly, as that is the only way to free Dr Crypto’s virtual hostages.

With guidance

Available in 70 cities

About Dr. Crypto’s Escape Game Jr Pro

Beat Dr. Crypto!

Virtual hostages are held in hermetically sealed rooms at various locations in the city. These rooms can only be opened by puzzling and solving parts of a riddle. Your task is to free the hostages with this smartphone game and beat Dr.Crypto.

Play freelance crime fighter!

Run through the city and use your smartphone or tablet to search for puzzles and clues that Dr. Crypto has left in the city. Do you find a hostage? Then try to decipher the code within 15 minutes, so you will get extra virtual money! You really can’t figure it out? Then you can buy one or more hints. However, incorrect attempts to open the lock will cost you money. So think carefully before making an attempt!

Every minute the risk of the hostage to become a terrible drama gets bigger and bigger! Don’t linger too long, because time is ticking away quickly! Tick Tock!

DrCrypto's escape game junior
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