With McGuider on a school outing! The virtual guide sends pupils on the road with a clear mission: discover all the historical and lesser-known spots in the city and solve challenging questions, original riddles and creative photo and video assignments.

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About McGuider

McGuider challenges you!

Have you ever thought of an exciting GPS game as an original school trip? The crazy city guide McGuider sends the students on their way with a GPS smartphone and a mission! The different teams will follow the route that was defined for them. At each checkpoint, McGuider will ask them a challenging question. Collaboration is a must to decipher his multimedia riddles. Additional points can be scored with fun photo and movie missions, exciting assignments against the clock and by pimping photos with text bubbles and digital photo stickers. Creativity is necessary to bring McGuider’s challenges to a successful end.

Interactive quest in the city

The scores of the other teams can be tracked in the ranking. Excitement and competitiveness will only increase! No boring city walk, but an interactive discovery tour full of action, fun and team building! This GPS game takes the students past historical spots and hidden corners throughout the city. Thanks to McGuider, the pupils not only get to know the city, but also each other in a different way. The online album full of active photos is the perfect proof of this original school trip!

Geoteam McGuider
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Geoteam stadsspel uitleg
Geoteam stadsspel uitleg

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