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Will you and your team succeed in saving the world from this virus? Combine logic and ingenuity to find a vaccine as quickly as possible and stop the pandemic.

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About Patient Zero Online Escape Lab

The pandemic has broken out.

Finally, your dream comes true and you start working as a researcher at GenoFarma, a renowned biotech company dedicated to researching exotic diseases. However, it is very quiet in the workplace as most researchers are suddenly sick at home with flu symptoms. Dr Schnitzler, your boss who was supposed to look after and induct you today, has also just been sent home with a severe headache. So you get to visit patient zero yourself, a few rooms away.

But just then, the alarm goes off and you get a message via the intercom system: patient zero is missing… The pandemic has broken out. Only you and your team are left to unravel the secrets behind this mysterious virus faster than ever and produce a vaccine in time. Will you rise to the challenge?

3D game experience

This online escape room is a game experience entirely in 3D. Just like in a real, physical escape room, you can independently explore another part of the room, solve riddles and find clues. During the game, you start the game in different roles. Half of the team is researchers and starts in the lab. The other half is a patient and starts in the hospital room. Good communication and cooperation is essential!

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