Become Sherlock Holmes for one day!

There has been a crime and the police need your help in resolving this matter. Sherlock is back! Experience an exciting GPS search and solve the crime. A detective game full of excitement, action and fun for young and less young detectives!

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  • 2h
  • 6 to >500
  • Mysterious
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Does your team have detective skills?

There has been a crime and the police needs your help in resolving this matter. Walk through the city as fast as you can to collect as many clues as possible: the culprit has left traces and you have to collect these. The GPS scanner on the smartphone makes it easy to find the tips and traces. Get over there as quickly as you can and write down all useful information you can find during your quest.

There are also witnesses who have seen something, but unfortunately they do not dare to speak freely. Bribe them to get the information you badly need. Thanks to your eye for detail and deduction skills, you will be able to cross off possible suspects from your list and find the culprit. In court, it will also be important to come up with solid evidence: tracing the murder weapon is therefore essential.

Tactical research!

To make this detective game even more exciting, you'll also get photo missions. Create the most realistic crime-scenes with your team! This will get you extra points in this GPS search. Do you want to get a head start of the rest? Then be sure to check Sherlock's past in advance!

If you don't mind playing dirty in order to get information from the other detectives, then just spy on them. But be quick, because if they see you coming, they will surely start running!

Can you unmask the murderer and identify him in the lineup within an hour and a half? The honour of your team is at stake in this thrilling detective game. Hopefully you will be able to help the police and, who knows, maybe you will be the first to get the reward?

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This game can be played in the following cities:

Aalst   Antwerp   Bornem   Bruges   Brussels   De Panne   Diest   Ghent   Halle   Hasselt   Kortrijk   Leuven   Liège   Lier   Mechelen   Mons   Namur   Ostend   Oudenaarde   Sint-Truiden   Tournai   Ypres  

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