Looking for a unique way to escape from a virtual room? At Geoteam we offer VR escape rooms on location. Together with your colleagues you are challenged in one of our unique virtual worlds to escape within 45 minutes.

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  • 1h - 2h
  • 12 to 50
  • Escape from a virtual room
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Our VR escape rooms are completely virtual, which means that you can choose from different rooms with various themes and levels of difficulty. Return to the Middle Ages, dive into the depths of Osiris, escape the monsters of a haunted house or save the planet from meteorites... Whether you are an experienced escape room player or playing for the first time, we have something for every group !
You can play our VR escape rooms with a maximum of 5 people on a field of at least 4.5 x 5.5 meters. Multiple groups can play in parallel. Our system is set up in such a way that there is little difference between the virtual world and reality, so that you quickly get used to the virtual world.


Our VR escape rooms are ideal for staff outings, company outings or just an activity for your colleagues. All our VR escape rooms take place at a location chosen by you; at your own location, in a meeting room, in a dining room, … Are you more of an observer? That is also possible! Because watching is just as much fun, on our screen or just next to the field.

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