Stad Brussel Teambuilding


Looking for an interactive teambuilding activity in Brussels? Then a Geoteam team activity is your best choice! Whether you are looking for a teambuilding activity to do with your colleagues or an original school trip with the class, there is a Geoteam game for every occasion in Brussels!
With all our teambuilding games, you will be encouraged to move and the fun will come naturally! See below which city games we have for your audience in Brussels.

Discover Brussels, the ideal destination for an unforgettable teambuilding experience.

Located in the heart of Belgium, Brussels offers a unique combination of historical charm, cultural diversity and modern facilities. Explore the streets by scooter, unravel mysteries during an exciting city scavenger hunt and taste the local cuisine afterwards. With its historic architecture and vibrant atmosphere, Brussels offers an inspiring environment to strengthen team bonds and work together towards common goals. Be surprised by the capital’s hidden gems and experience a teambuilding event that will be long remembered. Brussels, where history and team spirit come together.

Teambuilding activities in Brussels:
Checkpoint CityGPS City ChallengeAllianceEl ProfesorSherlock proDr.Crypto’s escape game proShoot Out proHunted proMaffia City BattleMonopolis

Class excursions in Brussels:
McGuiderCity Adventure jrSherlock kids proDr.Crypto’s escape game junior proShoot Out pro

As the centre of Europe, Brussels is a melting pot of cultures and styles. There is a lively and inspiring atmosphere all over the city. Taste the Brussels art de vivre in one of the unique cafés in the historical centre, be fascinated by the diversity of Brussels neighbourhoods and on top of that visit the famous ‘Manneken Pis‘. Or would you rather take your time exploring the Atomium?

In short, there is so much to enjoy here! And thanks to Geoteam, you will be able to discover the beauty of Brussels in an interactive way.

Geoteam Samenwerking

We recommend these games:

  • GPS City Challenge: This GPS city game is the ideal way to discover the city in an interactive and alternative way! Visit well-known and lesser-known spots, solve questions and puzzles, and unleash your creativity with photo and video tasks! Intercept the Outsider and successfully complete his surprising tasks. Team building and fun in one!
  • Shoot Out Pro: Immerse yourself in an exciting crime movie during this thrilling city game. You face your opponents, ready with your finger on the trigger for the decisive duel! However, we’ve traded your weapon for a smart GPS phone. Suitable for sporty team building outings.
  • Monopolis: Play the GPS variant of the world-famous Monopoly game as a team-building day in your favorite city. Goal of this city game? Conquer monopoly over the city and become a multimillionaire! Lock buildings in thanks to a clever GPS concept and communicate via chat with your team members to earn extra money. Need interaction? Include the other teams and rob them of their hard-earned cash.
  • El Profesor: Rise above yourself and help El Profesor free his team members, find out the location of the Safe House, and meet at the right rendezvous point. Where will he strike next? The ingenious puzzles aren’t easy to solve: teamwork is crucial.