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Looking for an interactive team building activity in Kortrijk? Then a Geoteam team activity is your best choice! Whether you are looking for a team building activity to do with your colleagues or an original school trip with the class, there is a Geoteam game for every occasion in Kortrijk!
With all our team building games, you will be encouraged to move and the fun will come naturally! See below which city games we have for your audience in Kortrijk.

Discover Kortrijk, the perfect setting for your next teambuilding event.

Located in the heart of West Flanders, this historic city offers a rich mix of culture, and modern amenities. Explore the beautiful architecture of the Grand Place. Enjoy the tranquillity on the banks of the Leie or go on an adventure in the vibrant city centre. Kortrijk is known for its welcoming atmosphere and excellent culinary scene, making it the ideal place to strengthen team ties. With a range of activities, from interactive outdoor city games to workshops, Kortrijk offers something for everyone. Choose Kortrijk and make your teambuilding an unforgettable experience!

Teambuilding activities in Kortrijk:
Checkpoint CityGPS City ChallengeAllianceEl ProfesorSherlock proDr.Crypto’s escape game proShoot Out proHunted proMaffia City BattleMonopolis

Class excursions in Kortrijk:
McGuiderCity Adventure jrSherlock kids proDr.Crypto’s escape game junior proShoot Out pro

Welcome to bustling Kortrijk, where history and contemporary go hand in hand. Admire the majestic Belfry with its UNESCO recognition and allow the Grote Markt to enchant you with lively terraces and historical splendour. Discover the medieval Broel towers along the picturesque Leie and get inspired by DesignregioKortrijk. Delve into the fascinating world of flax crafts at the Texture museum. For a touch of adventure, Geoteam offers entertaining games that allow you to discover the city in a playful and interactive way. Kortrijk invites you to enjoy an unforgettable experience, where past and present blend in a lively symphony of culture and fun.

Teambuilding GPS City Challenge

We recommend these games

  • GPS City Challenge: This GPS city game is the ideal way to discover the city in an interactive and alternative way! Visit well-known and lesser-known spots, solve questions and puzzles, and unleash your creativity with photo and video tasks! Intercept the Outsider and successfully complete his surprising tasks. Team building and fun in one!
  • Monopolis: Play the GPS variant of the world-famous Monopoly game as a team-building day in your favorite city. Goal of this city game? Conquer monopoly over the city and become a multimillionaire! Lock buildings in thanks to a clever GPS concept and communicate via chat with your team members to earn extra money. Need interaction? Include the other teams and rob them of their hard-earned cash.
  • El Profesor: Rise above yourself and help El Profesor free his team members, find out the location of the Safe House, and meet at the right rendezvous point. Where will he strike next? The ingenious puzzles aren’t easy to solve: teamwork is crucial.
  • The Alliance: Work together with your teammates and form alliances with your opponents to obtain essential information. Search for QR codes, decipher quiz questions, and negotiate. Only then can you unmask the mysterious Outsider and catch him by the collar!