Stad Namur Teambuilding


Looking for an interactive teambuilding activity in Namur? If so, a Geoteam team activity is your best bet! Whether you are looking for a teambuilding activity amongst colleagues or an original school trip with your class, there is a Geoteam game for every occasion! With all our teambuilding games, you will be encouraged to explore and the fun will come naturally! Below you can find which city games we have for your audience in Namur.

Looking for the perfect location for a teambuilding event?

Namur offers the ideal setting! With its picturesque location at the confluence of the Meuse and Sambre rivers, this historic city offers a wealth of opportunities to strengthen your team. Discover the city’s rich history during a fascinating tour of its medieval streets and fortifications. Challenge yourself together during exciting activities at the citadel or a team-building game in the beautiful riverside parks. With its unique blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage, Namur offers the perfect setting to strengthen ties within your team and share unforgettable experiences together.

Teambuilding activities in Namur:
Checkpoint CityGPS City ChallengeAllianceEl ProfesorSherlock proDr.Crypto’s escape game proShoot Out proHunted proMaffia City BattleMonopolis

Class excursions in Namur:
McGuiderCity Adventure jrSherlock kids proDr.Crypto’s escape game junior proShoot Out pro

In the shadow of centuries-old fortifications, Namur unfolds its enchanting story. Steeped in history, this city exudes a unique blend of medieval grandeur and contemporary vibrancy. Wander along the banks of the Meuse and discover the picturesque streets leading to the impressive Citadel. Here, where every little stone tells a chronicle, our city games bring a playful twist to your exploration. The mysterious charm of Namur, where every turn offers the promise of a new adventure, invites you to discover the city in an interactive and challenging way with Geoteam.

We recommend these games

  • Maffia City Battle: Thanks to our simple GPS smartphones, you’ll go out like a true mafioso and search for safes full of jewels, gold bars, diamonds, and cash. Whoever gathers the biggest loot can crown themselves the new Don Corleone. But beware! Your opponents can also rob you and set you back. Play the game tactically with your team.
  • Dr. Crypto’s Escape Game Pro: Walk through the city with our smartphone in search of Dr. Crypto’s hostages. During this city game, you’ll be challenged with brain-teasing puzzles and riddles. Solve them quickly, as only then can you free as many virtual hostages as possible from the clutches of the villain Dr. Crypto.
  • Checkpoint City: The perfect city game for a fun team building where you can rediscover your favorite city in an interactive way. Work together with your team to solve original puzzles and challenging questions. You’ll find the answers at the locations you visit. Let your creativity flow with the fun photo and video tasks.
  • Hunted Pro: The criminals have escaped from prison and are planning one last heist before heading out with a bag full of money. As a criminal, you try to double the loot, but beware! The police have hired bounty hunters who are hot on your trail. Can you avoid the hunters? Do you have good judgment and are you faster than the rest? Then this team building is ideal for your group.