Cool! A fascinating city game for our school trip

The fact that a school trip often requires educational value is for many students unnecessary. They are excited about a day outside of  the school and are looking forward to adventure! Are you looking for a nice activity for your school trip, one that is both educational and has a high fun level as well? Then you'll find that Geoteam's interactive city games are the perfect match!

As an organizing teacher, you will already receive full support from our Event Planner during the preparation, who will help you with all practical matters. Our Game supervisor on site will  provide all the material you need for the game and keep an eye on the course of the game! Our free checklist is already your first handy guide.

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Which game genre do you choose for which target group or for what purpose?

With McGuider, students discover the city in a different way, from well-known to lesser-known places. The virtual and comical city guide McGuider challenges them at different locations with fascinating questions and riddles about the city. There are extra points that can be earned with nice photo and video assignments. Looking for more action and fun? Then Sherlock Pro and Shoot Out Pro are recommended. The competitive element in our city games make sure that they will take the game to the next level! That’s why Geoteam’s city games are not only ideal as part of a school trip, but also perfect for a sports day.

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Our professional game supervisor takes the students on an adventure, armed with a smartphone and a mission. Forget those paper city quests and choose an interactive city game where students really get excited.

Geoteam takes you and your class in tow:

Check advice about the best game according to your expectations

Check adjusted game levels for each type of education

Check smartphones, paper, pencils, .... everything is provided

138 schools experienced a fantastic Geoteam city game in 2019

From cultural discovery to exciting pursuit

Escape Game on smartphone

Dr. Crypto's Escape Game Junior Pro

Do you like solving riddles and puzzles? Then the junior version of the Escape city game is perfect for you!

[ juniors age 13-17 ]

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The most exciting excursion!


This gps game guides the students past historic and lesser-known spots in the city and presents them challenging questions, original riddles, creative photo and video assignments.

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Sherlock Pro

The police need your help in solving a murder. Does your team have detective instint, ingenious interrogation techniques and an eye for abandoned tracks? Prove it to us!

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Can't be more exciting!

Shoot Out Pro

Commit the biggest vault robbing in history with your GPS smartphone. Use cunning tricks to open the vaults and eliminate your opponents. But watch out for patrolling cops!

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Transform your paper quest into an interactive App

Create your own interactive game

With our easy-to-use game platform, you can create your own location-based games yourself. Pimp your own search into an original and interactive game for smartphones, which makes students really enthusiastic. We provide a training, after which you can immediately get started. Or just deliver us your content and leave everything to us!

The possibilities are endless

With our game platform you pour your creative ideas in an original jacket. Choose whether or not you add the specific elements to your new game and combine to your heart's content: open questions, multiple choice questions, information, photos, videos, QR codes, timers, messages, itineraries, ...

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