Organizing a carefree team building... YES!

We will work out, together with you, a successful team building program that fully meets your specific needs. We will give advice on which teambuilding activity best fits your group of colleagues. Would you like to combine your team building activity with a meeting before or dinner afterwards? We are happy to help you find the best locations! We are committed to organize an unforgettable day for you and your colleagues!

Surprise your colleagues with an original team building activity and organize a gps or remote game with Geoteam.


Are you not allowed to bring your team together in one place? Your colleagues can each work together from their own place (home, workplace, teleworking place, ...) to solve an online escape mystery.

In the city

Ever thought of an exciting city game as an original team building activity? Our professional event master will send you and your colleagues on a mission with a smartphone and a GPS! You’ll play the role of a detective, real estate manager or Mafioso. Skills such as collaboration, creativity, communication and strategy are vital! During our city adventures, you will not only discover new places in the city, but also get to know your colleagues in a different way. You can recall memories afterwards with an album full of action photos.

In the middle of nature

Would you like to escape the city noise? Do you prefer spending some time in a green environment, where you can nourish the team spirit in a relaxed and friendly way? Geoteam takes you into the nature for an original team building activity at the coast or in the Ardennes, or you can go on an interactive exploration between the animals in the animal park.

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At a quiet pace in the city

Accessible for everyone!

Checkpoint City

A team building with a city game? It's possible! Discover your favourite city with Checkpoint City, a challenging discovery trip full of action and fun! You will receive a photo album as a souvenir.

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Most chosen game!

GPS City Challenge

This GPS city game guides you in a surprising way past all known and lesser-known spots in the city. At each location you are challenged with questions, riddles or assignments.

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Top team building!

The Alliance

Test your scavenger skills during this mysterious GPS treasure hunt. Close alliances with friend and enemy and expose the mysterious Outsider before he fully terrorizes the city!

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Mysteries in the city

Escape game in the city

Dr. Crypto's Escape Game Pro

Free as many virtual hostages as possible from the hands of Dr. Crypto's within 120 minutes! He puts your skills to the test: solving puzzles, collaborating and acting strategically.

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Sherlock Pro

The police need your help in solving a murder. Does your team have detective instint, ingenious interrogation techniques and an eye for abandoned tracks? Prove it to us!

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Why choose Geoteam?

  • 16 years of experience within the city game world
  • Professional game supervisors at your event
  • Facilitates the entire framework of your teambuilding

Outdoor action games and tactics

Award winning game concept!

Maffia City Battle

Dirty cops, clever mafiosi and rival gangs: be constantly on your guard during this blistering GPS game, because danger lurks everywhere. Which team will become the most notorious mafia clan?

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Award winning game concept!


Enclose valuable buildings, conquer the monopoly over the city and become a multimillionaire. A unique team activity where you also get to discover the city and its beautiful buildings.

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Can't be more exciting!

Shoot Out Pro

Commit the biggest vault robbing in history with your GPS smartphone. Use cunning tricks to open the vaults and eliminate your opponents. But watch out for patrolling cops!

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Online escape rooms for teams

Online team game

Dr. Crypto's ONLINE Escape Game

The Crazy Leaders Summit in Brussels cannot take place without the 9 craziest world leaders kidnapped by Dr Crypto. Search with your team from behind your PC for the secret locations and crack the codes.

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Online escape room

Lost Treasure

Uncle Archibald passed away and according to the notary you are the only heir. But where is that fortune hidden somewhere?

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Online escape room internationally awarded

Project Pegasus

Three scientists from the Spider Technologies research lab have died. Has a virus accidentally caught them or is there more to it?

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In nature

Adventurous geocaching!

The treasure of Pier Kloeffe

Look for the legacy of Pier Kloeffe during a fascinating geocaching game in the Westhoek reserve in De Panne. Which team will win the treasure in this original team building at sea?

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Exclusive location!

GPS Expedition

Fancy an interactive discovery trip close to home? Put on your walking shoes and leave for a GPS team building in the zoo. Speaking of a unique team building location!

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Adventurous geocaching!

The Great Escape

End up in the exciting geocaching team building adventure of Adolphe, a simple villager who helped escape the pilots of the downed Allied aircraft in the forests of the Ardennes during World War II.

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Adventurous geocaching!


On adventurous geocaching team building in nature with this game. Search with your team the hidden treasure and learn all about this GPS treasure hunt in the wooded area of Leuven.

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Adventurous geocaching!

Westhoek Adventure

Looking to get some fresh air with your colleagues? This GPS-drop through nature reserve De Westhoek combined with a city game in De Panne is your best choice for a team building at the coast!

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